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Jamie and Robert's Wedding

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Here we'll put some of the family shots that only seem to happen at big events like weddings.

Bride's Family
My mother is Dr. Maribeth Montgomnery Kasik.
Many names are involved on my maternal line like:
Aiken, McCambridge, Montgomery, Linn, Kimball, Henderson and Whiteside. My mother collects the family history and has two genealogy websites about our family. You can visit those sites by clicking on the links listed below. The one site does require a password, so you need to follow the instructions to get the password.
The paternal side of my family are the Kasik's

Dr. Maribeth Montgomery's Family Site

Maribeth's Genealogy Research

Jamie with her 1st Cousin Grace at her Baptism

Groom's Family
My parents are Richard and Christine Wasowski... Family names on my side of the family are Wasowski and Bersani...


Bob & Jamie with Bob's Mom & Dad


Bob's Sister Elizabeth & Peter Babbich


Bob's sister Allison & Frank Kabbey